I paint to tell stories. I photograph to make stories.

Born in Italy in 1985, Aimone Bonucci is a Designer, Artist, Creative Director and Photographer. Always hated being a student, but after art and design studies, he got a bachelor’s degree in Design and Visual Art in Firenze, Accademia Leonetto Cappiello and he moved to Berlin in 2009. His work has been awarded by IDN Magazine in 2014, for the short animated film “Feed The Tree” in collaboration with the visual artist Martina Gunkel, he has been interviewed by Form Magazine and ARD ZDF Deutschland Radio for his vision and purpose on creativity. In 2012-2015 he took part in design conference like Pecha Kucha, TedX and Design Talks. He is also a former partner of Art Director’s Club Italy. Rituals, archetypes, paradoxes are the essentials to all his work and represent what is common to all his varied subject matter of study, enhanced with his vision, the vision of an outsider. His last exhibition was the last June at Monopol Gallery in Berlin. He is currently working on a long term project about portraiture, The Encounter.

His studio is now in Livorno, Tuscany.